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We are pleased to announce that NESAJ is going to publish Nesaj Patra, Vol. 11. 2016. On behalf of the NESAJ Patra editorial board, we'd like to request all of you to contribute Literary Works (Stories, Essays, Poems, Muktaks etc.) and other valuable articles (research articles, scientific reviews). Articles should be provided in electronic format (in Microsoft Word), sent by e-mail. Article is required with double spacing and 12-point type in A4 papers. We expect you to use well known font only. We are going to publish this volume in last week of february 2017.The deadline for this issue expires on December 31th. It is strongly recommended to read carefully the rules for submission of articles here explained. Articles received after the deadline will not be considered for publication.

Articles and figures should be submitted to Mr Tej Prakash Gurung( Electronic Information and communication Engineering ) (Osaka Sangyo University, osaka, Japan) (grgteejgmail.com ). The article should include the corresponding author's full address and telephone/fax numbers and should be in an e-mail message sent to the Editor, with the file, whose name should begin with the first author's surname, as an attachment. The email should have Subject: NESAJ Patra 2016 article by first author family name and than first name as given below.
NESAJ Patra 2016 by family name-first name.


General guidelines to author for NESAJ patra 2016

NESAJ Ex Com would like to request you to contribute your literary works (essays, poems, travel diaries, etc) and other valuable articles (research articles, scientific reviews, etc) to publish in this year's Nesaj Patra 2010. Here are the guidelines you are requested to follow while writing and submitting your works to publish in NESAJ Patra.

1. Articles in English, Nepali or Japanese are accepted. Articles should not exceed 4 printed pages, including tables, figures etc. (1 printed page = 3 A4 pages double spacing with a font type Geneva 12, Times 14 or similar). Depending of the interest of the article, larger articles may be considered for publication. Submitted manuscripts will be revised by two or more editors to ensure their quality.

2. Since NESAJ is a non-political student organization, articles to be published in NESAJ Patra should not have any political intentions (Articles written in the interest of Political Parties of Nepal are especially strictly prohibited.)

3. Articles should not have any contents that would cause breach of peace and harmony among Nepalese population, let alone NESAJ members. Personal harassing and sarcasm contents are prohibited.

4. Articles with personal business interests are prohibited. NESAJ patra will have advertisement space for advertisements that will be collected to support NESAJ Patra financially. Free advertising through article contents will not be tolerable.

5. Writers are encouraged to write only one article in one language; however, you are eligible to submit as many different works as you want.

6. A) Writers are encouraged to submit articles (essay, travel diary, short story, research article, etc.) on an A4 size format in MS word or other word processing program. B) Writers are also encouraged to contribute short poems, "muktaks", jokes, etc and are requested to make them as short as possible. C) Editorial Board may change the font and page format if necessary.

7. The Editorial Board will decide on NESAJ Patra "Cover Design."

8. Article contributors are requested to send their articles to a particular email assigned by the Publication Committee.

9. A) Nesaj Patra publication committee will assign editors to proof-check the articles, correct them if found necessary, and delete any contents that the editors find malicious thus profane. B) Nesaj Patra publication committee may select and choose not to publish some eligible articles in case it receives too many articles. C) The Editorial Board holds the sole authority to the publication of articles. The Chief Editor has the right to the final decision.

10. The Chief Editor will inform the Coordinator about the progress and status of the publication and the Coordinator in turn to the Ex-com. The publication committee will make necessary announcements via Nesaj common mail.


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